Frequently asked questions

We are always willing to discuss any queries you might have, so if your not able to find the answer your looking for in the list below, please feel free to give us a call. Alternatively you can send your query using the contact form on the contact page.

Am I really allowed to burn the wood you sell me?

Yes, Of course! All of the wood we sell is from trees that have been felled for a variety of reasons by our sister company, Caledonian Tree Services Ltd.

Only good quality hardwood is used for our hardwood logs and it is split and barn dried for a period of 6 months – 2 years.

Where Do the Logs come from?

At our sister company ‘Caledonian Tree Services Ltd.’ through Forestry, Tree Clearance and Arboricultural operations we are in the fortunate position of having an abundant supply of timber.

Nothing goes to waste at CTS / CWF and all timber is processed into Saw logs, Firewood or Woodchip. All of the Trees we fell and Timber we remove from woodlands is taken to our yard to be processed and dried. All of our Timber is Scottish and the majority from the Central Belt of Scotland in particular.

How are the logs and Chip processed?

At CWF we have invested in machinery from log splitters to Kindling machines to ensure a cost effective way of producing logs – this saving can then be passed onto our Customers.

We also have a specialist wood chipper for producing wood fuel which has screens attached to ensure the ‘Grade’ of chip is correct.

Which wood burns best?

Hardwood timber has the most ‘calorific’ value – meaning they produce more energy when burned than softwood. There is an old Rhyme detailing the benefits of some common types of hardwood timber when used for logs:

“Beechwood logs burn bright and clear, If the wood is kept a year
Store your Beech for Christmas-tide, With new-cut holly laid aside
Chestnut’s only good, they say If for years it’s stored away
Birch and Fir wood burn too fast, Blaze too bright, and do not last
Flames from larch will shoot up high, And dangerously the sparks will fly…
But Ashwood green, And Ashwood brown Are fit for Queen with golden crown”

Is burning logs Environmentally Friendly?

Wood is a renewable resource, most firewood in the UK comes from sustainable sources, so for every tree cut down another is planted, and the carbon released from the felled tree will be absorbed by another tree.

Logs cut locally have not been transported long distances; this also has wide reaching environmental implications.

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