Caledonian Wood Fuels is a supplier of sustainable wood fuel products in the form of dry seasoned firewood logs and graded wood chip. All products are produced from either by products of our commercial tree cutting business or from sustainable sources.

Seasoned Hardwood Logs
@ £85 per Cubic Meter
@ £160 for 2 Cubic Meters

Seasoned Softwood Logs
@ £65 per cubic meter
@ £120 for 2 Cubic Meters

Seasoned Kindling
@ £5 per bag
@ £20 for 5 Bags

Wholesale Hardwood logs from £50 per Cubic Meter. (Minimum order 80 Cubic Meters)
Softwood also available in Wholesale Quantities.
Wholesale Kindling @ £2.50 per bag (minimum order 500 bags)
Woodchip Price on application, please call Colin on 07801 277735.

01505 872929